eutra-CRS-SequenceInfo – The funniest Change Request in 3GPP

The funniest Change Request in 3GPP I have ever seen is R1-168319.

During development of NB-IoT, my team coudn’t find 3GPP definition of eutra-CRS SequenceInfo. But after quick googling, I found this change request. Look at “Reason for change” description 🙂

Reason for change:

TS36.331v13.2.0 refers to RAN1 specifications for the detail of higher layer parameter eutra-CRS-SequenceInfo as follows:
Information of the carrier containing NPSS/NSSS/NPBCH.
Each value is associated with an E-UTRA PRB index as an offset from the middle of the LTE system sorted out by channel raster offset. See TS 36.211[21] and TS 36.213 [23].
However definition is missing in RAN1 specifications.